Match: [Chinese Super League] Qingdao FC vs Guangzhou City

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Match: [Chinese Super League] Qingdao FC vs Guangzhou City

Competition time : Tuesday 27 July 2021 17.00

Open Rate: Guangzhou City, a 0.5 / 1 racetrack Chongqing Olympic Stadium.

Last meeting of all events
CHA SL 26/04/21 Guangzhou City 3-1 Chongqing Athletic
06/07/19 Guangzhou City 4-2 Chongqing Athletic C
CHA SL 02/03/19 Chongqing Athletic 2-2 Guangzhou City
23/09/18 Guangzhou City 1-1 Chongqing Athletic
CHA SL 29/04 /18 Chongqing Athletic 0-1 Guangzhou City
04/11/17 Chongqing Athletic 0-2 Guangzhou City
CHA SL 01/07/17 Guangzhou City 3-4 Chongqing Athletic
21/08/16 Chongqing Athletic 4-5 Guangzhou City
CHA SL 07/05/16 Guangzhou City 2-0 Chongqing Athletic
25/10/15 Guangzhou City 2-0 Chongqing Athletic

Overall results of the host
CHA SL 24/07/21 Shandong Taishan 3-1 Chongqing Athletic
21/07/21 Chongqing Athletic 0-3 Shenzhen A FC
CHA SL 18/07/21 Guangzhou FC 3-1 Chongqing Athletic
15/05/21 Qingdao FC 1-0 Chongqing Athletic
CHA SL 09/05/21 Chongqing Athletic 3-2 Henan Songshan
Longmeng CHA SL 03/05/21 Chongqing Athletic 2-2 Changzhou Lions
CHA SL 26/04/21 Guangzhou City 3-1 Chongqing Athletic
20/04/21 Chongqing Athletic 0-2 Shandong Taishan
CHA SL 10/11/20 San Dong Taishan 2-1 Chongqing Athletic
06/11/20 Chongqing Athletic 4-3 Shandong Taishan

Overall performance of the visiting team
CHA SL 24/07/21 Guangzhou City 3-3 Guangzhou FC
21/07/21 Guangzhou City 1-1 Henan Songshan Longmen the
CHA SL 18/07/21 Shandong Tai 0-0, Guangzhou City
14/05/21 Guangzhou City 0-0 Cangzhou Lions
CHA SL 08/05. /21 Guangzhou City 2-4 Shenzhen FC
03/05/21 Qingdao FC 0-1 Guangzhou City
CHA SL 26/04/21 Guangzhou City 3 -1 Chongqing Athletic
20/04/21 Guangzhou FC 2-2 Guangzhou City
CHAFAC 02/12/20 Guangzhou City 2-2 Shandong Taishan
CHAFAC 29/11/20 Guangzhou City 6-1 Suzhou Dongwu

Probability : ufabet

Chongqing Athletic’s performance is not very good. They lost 4 consecutive matches in a row, the defensive line is quite bad, being shot for 10 goals, only able to shoot back 2 goals in Guangzhou City’s performance, saying that it’s good, can’t say it. Can’t find victory 5 times in a row as well. The offensive line and the defensive line are not very good at fighting. Now in 16th place, the statistics of the away team meeting are clearly superior. Today played in Chongqing Athletic, but not better than the guest at all. The price rate has opened 0.5/1. You can continue to press. should be able to win

Expected match result: Guangzhou City 3-1
Open rate: Guangzhou City vs 0.5/1
Confidence: 7/10