Match: [ Europa Conference ] Vaduz vs Ujpest

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Match: [ Europa Conference ] Vaduz vs Ujpest

Race time : Thursday 29 July 2021 23:00

Open : Vaduz vs 0.5 at Sportpark Eschen-Mauren.

Last meeting, including all events
UEFA ECL 23/07/21 Ujpest 2-1 Vaduz
UEFA EL 28/07/06 Vaduz 0-1 Ujpest
14/07/06 Ujpes 0-4 Vaduz

Overall results of the host
SUI D2 25/07/21 Will 1900 2-3 Vaduz
UEFA ECL 23/07/21 Ujpest 2-1 Vaduz
INT CF 16/07/21 Vaduz 1-1 Freibe Mecklenburg
10/07/21 Vaduz 0-0 FC Zürich
INT CF 26/06/21 Winter Winterthur Vaduz 2-5
22/05/21 FC Zurich 4-1 in Vaduz
SUI D1. 16/05/21 Vaduz 1-3 Servette
12/05/21 Vaduz 0-2 Young Boys
09/05/21 Lugano 0-2 Vaduz
SUI D1 02/05/21 Vaduz 1-2 Lucerne

Overall results of the visiting team
INT CF 25/07/21 III. Keruleti TUE 1-2 Ujpest
UEFA ECL 23/07/21 Ujpest 2-1 Vaduz
INT CF 15 /07/21
Dunajska Streda 2-1 Ujpest INT CF 10/07/21 Ujpest 1-1
Dioskeyor INT CF 02/07/21 Vo
Luntari 0-1 Ujpest INT CF 30/06/21 St. Polten 1-1 Ujpest
INT CF 28/06/21 CFR Cluj 1-1 Ujpe Post
HUN D1 09/05/21 Neue Presse, the West Salem 5-4 Goethe sex DTE
HUN Cup 04/05/21 mole as well as the UN’s 0-0
29/04/21. Dioskiyor 0-0 Ujpest

Probability :

Vaduz, the form of play is still very unstable. They have only won once in their three games on the field, and the defensive line remains a weak point. The only hope is the offensive line. On the Ujpest side, the results are excellent. Wins 2 consecutive victories in a row, the offensive line scores 4 goals and only concedes 2 goals, morale is good. The meeting of the two teams for the first time was the home team who went on to win 1-0 before. The hosts had the advantage of cheering and ball, but carrying the price rate to continue. half minus five considered too expensive Better press on The chances of getting out are always very high.

Expected match result: Vaduz 1-1
Open rate: Vaduz v 0.5
Confidence: 7/10.