Lampard reveals Everton can’t drop points again

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Everton’s England manager Frank Lampard has revealed Everton must only collect three points in their next match against Wolves if they hope to move up from the ‘Wolves’. space at the end of the table

Although Everton are regarded as the toughest team in the English Premier League. It tend to finish in the middle of the top table in the 2021/22 season. Everton’s performances have not been satisfactory since the Rafa era. El Benitez and Everton were also quickly dropped to the bottom of the table. Forcing Everton to bring in Frank Lampard to salvage the team’s crisis. But it hasn’t improved much. Plus the risk of falling into the relegation area as well.

And the next match, Everton must face Wolverhampton Wanderers who are doing very well and are now on the path to win tickets to the European Cup as well. Although just entering the field in the middle of the week. But the results The overall picture is still better than Everton. But Frank Lampard emphasizes that the team must give their best to get the win. Because if they miss just one more game. They have a chance to go down in Area immediately relegated by Frank Lampard said in an interview.

We have an important UFABET game ahead of us, although it is not easy and the defeat against Tottenham had a huge impact on the mentality of the players in the squad and the situation at Everton. Not a very good fight but we still have 13 matches left and if we win all of them we will stay in the English Premier League so we only need to keep winning in the next match. go