McLean reveals Norwich City don’t need big-name players

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Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean has revealed that Norwich City do not need to bring in big-name players to survive relegation to the League Championship and the squad has it enough

Despite being promoted back to the English Premier League again. Losing key players like Emiliano Buendia out of the team had a huge impact on Norwich City. Because they couldn’t keep winning. Several games in a row and they lost so often that they immediately dropped to the bottom of the table and Norwich City did not hesitate to sack Daniel Farke from his position as manager before bringing in Dean Smith. Recently parted with Aston Villa as a new manager.

After that, Norwich City’s performance has improved considerably and has continued to win streaks until now moving up to the relegation zone. Although more competition than any other team in the area. Even relegated and in the January transfer window. Norwich City did not bring a single new player to the ทางเข้า UFABET team and lost Todd Cantwell. But it was Kane. It’s McLean who is confident Norwich City will survive relegation despite the lack of big-name players joining the squad.

It’s very common for any team to want big-name players to join the team. Whether it’s at the top of the table or a team that is in the relegation zone. But our squad right now is enough to stay. In the English Premier League, although there are still many matches left until the end of the season. We are doing very well and confidence is returning as well.