Tuchel reveals plans for Gallagher and Broya next season

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Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager Has revealed plans for the season for two of the team’s players to return from loan samples Conor Gallagher and Armando Broya.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel will assess returning players from loan clubs Conor Gallagher and Armando Broya this pre-season. Before deciding on their future in the first team Both players made a great impression on loan. by Gallagher He was called up to the England squad for his performances in midfield at Crystal Palace, while Broya has attracted much interest from rival clubs after scoring in the Premier League. The league has six goals. Southampton

          There was a call from the fans. That would love to see the two players reunite with Chelsea next season and Tuchel said he would let them showcase their first-team opportunities. When asked if the pair will return and be part of the squad next season Tuchel replied: “First they will definitely come back. because they are our players . We do this for them but also for us. To have better players, more experienced players to come back.”

          “They are our players. And I would love to have them in pre-season. And in pre-season we will decide what will happen.” “There is a strong connection with them. There is a strong connection with how they come together as a team and what they do. our ideas for them and what they want to reach, which is strongly linked to our sanctions and the situation around the club. It’s too soon to predict the future for them and their role throughout the UFABET season. But they will definitely return in pre-season.”

          Chelsea can rely on young players coming back from loan and being involved in the first team, with transfer plans suspended until Roman Abramovich sells the club, with Tuke. We hope the delay will not affect our preparations for next season too much. He continued: “You asked many times, Were we delayed in approaching the players in the planning process? Yes, very late. And we are affected by it from the key players leaving. So we rebuild We are building a new team. We don’t improve the team.” “This is always challenging. But we are ready for that challenge. I don’t know where we are going from day one. But what I can promise is that I will be here – if I can promise! – with full energy and positive energy no matter what.”

          “We will continue to work for Chelsea. And I refuse to think of a negative situation. We will thirst for victory But at what level will we see each other? on how delays and sanctions will affect us. It must be said that there is a risk that will affect us. It would be a huge challenge to compensate for the two teams’ situational disadvantage. [Manchester] City and Liverpool They are currently developing their team and have set benchmarks in every aspect of the game in the toughest leagues.” “So things weren’t easy for us. But normally I would say we arrived in good spirits and the right mindset on the first day of preparation. Then we do what we always do. we create atmosphere We create a work ethic and we do our best to prepare for our Premier League debut. League to win