3 Eating Habits That May Hurt Mental Health

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how to eat like that This word is always available. In addition to eating will affect physical health. It may also affect mental health. 

Studies have shown that diet can affect mood and mental health, and here are three eating habits that can affect our mental health. 

3 Eating Habits That May Hurt Mental Health

1. Eating too much sugar 

High-sugar foods, such as soft drinks, have been linked to mood swings and depression. This is known as Sugar Blues, or the constant craving for sweets. If you don’t eat, you can feel irritable or sad. 

2. Eating too much processed food 

Too much processed food is bad for your body. Research has shown that consuming processed foods that contain saturated fats, processed foods, and excessively refined foods It may increase your risk of depressive symptoms. 

Not eating enough fruits, vegetables and fish 

Choosing useful food Helps anti-inflammatory such as green leafy vegetables, berries, sea fish such as salmon, tuna, unrefined rice. That may help reduce the risk of depression. Compared to eating sugary or processed foods 

how to eat like thing that It affects both physical and mental health. choose to eat well Eat useful things and we will be the ones who benefit the most UFABET